The ball of God wins a Cannes Silver Lion

The ball of God wins a Cannes Silver Lion

The Ogilvy Social Lab's idea, produced by besweet_., successfully brought the desired Lion back home after being awarded a Silver prize in the Entertainment for sports Category. 

The Media

Panenka is a magazine that approaches soccer in a different way from all the others, that seeks to tell stories of people who play football from a totally human, social, cultural, and political perspective.

The Reason

When Maradona passed away in 2019, they decided to pay him a profound tribute by sending him to heaven a ball with which he could continue playing soccer.

The Plan

Partnering with Ogilvy Social Lab and BeSweet and with a minimal production budget, they worked carefully using real people and locations, as all casting and filming took place in the authentic slums of Buenos Aires.

The Reaction

Even with a modest budget, the film reached football fans from all over the world and touched their hearts. It became the place where the fans could say their last good bye. 


Planting Goals

Nadia Erostarbe: Riding the Wave to the 2024 Olympics