Happy To Be Censored

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Happy To Be Censored
The Story
Three women who have lost their nipples after breast cancer, happily show their breasts to Instagram, laughing at the relentless censorship they will suffer from the social network when they get them back thanks to the revolutionary FixNipTM NRI prosthesis.
The Team

Shot with three Spanish women in Madrid, it is produced by Celia Esteban and directed by Antonina Obrador, both at the head of a team made up almost entirely of women.

The Concept
"In this case we have played with the contradictions of IG itself, and the absurd situation that -following its own rules of censorship of female nipples- women can show their breasts without nipples but then are censored when they get them back. Of course, the women featured in our campaign are looking forward to being censored”. Celia Esteban - Producer
The Product
The FixNipTM NRI breast prosthesis from GC Aesthetics® will be available in France, Spain, UK, Italy, and Germany starting May 17th, 2022. There are more than 100 cases implanted worldwide with a high satisfaction rate from both patients and surgeons. The product is EU approved as a medical device.

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