Burger King x Splash!

Burger King x Splash!

Watch CBK, the latest Burger King commercial and the first using AI post production in Spain, developed by Splash!

After Burger King and David Madrid agency's petition to bring something different to their latest product campaign,  be sweet_., together with Jorge Stasny, commercial director, thought of bringing A.I. to the project. 
The A.I.

Our XR department, Splash!, implemented the new NERF technology that allows you to recreate the photographed or filmed content by constantly evolving the information gathered from this materials and to achieve maximum definition. Once you have the space, you can "film" however you want. No pace, distance, rhythm or object is any longer a limitation in this world.

The Commercial

be sweet_., produced the whole commercial which added to the A.I. content completes the final advert. Directed by Jorge Stasny, Creativity by David Madrid and post produced by Splash! together with be sweet_.

The Possibilities

With this specific A.I. technology we can develop digital scenarios in which we are free to move the camera however we want to. We can go from a super close shot to a crane shot, go back spinning like a drone and back to a general shot. There are no limitations. And this is only one example of the A.I. functions we work with.


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