Pair of Books

Pair of Books

The Irish company Gc Aesthetics has been helping women to feel comfortable with their body and sexy for more than 60 years now. In our first collaboration we wanted to highlight the beauty of all and every pair of boobs, the most desired and censured part of women body is now a sign of empowerment and self-esteem. This creativity remarks the equal beauty of all books as a checky metaphor to talk about the GC Aesthetics main tool, boobs. The film illustrates incisively way the different kind of boobs that you can find out there, same as books. Books with fur, freckles, small or big ones, all of them are to be embraced and enhanced. As we all know, sexuality and body esteem are issues that must be treated delicately as each person is different, and so it’s complicated to speak about beauty stereotypes without letting some people out of it. The idea and the proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover” seemed rather perfect for the movie.


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