Nadia Erostarbe: Riding the Wave to the 2024 Olympics

Nadia Erostarbe: Riding the Wave to the 2024 Olympics

An athlete is born

Nadia Erostarbe is a 23 year old Spanish professional surfer from Zarautz, a town in the Basque Country that lives and breathes the surfing spirit. With parents who also shared a strong passion for the sport, Nadia was introduced to the waves at a very early age, and surfing quickly evolved from a pastime into a calling.

Nadia’s recent qualification for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics marks a pivotal moment in her career, a well-deserved success born from a lifetime of dedication and self-funded endeavors.

Road to Tahiti

She embarks on a global journey from Australia to South Africa, then Portugal, and Brazil, before making her way to the Olympics in Tahiti, French Polynesia, later this summer. This opportunity not only promises global visibility, but also represents the culmination of her unwavering commitment to elite surfing.


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