Iceberg, directed by Eloi Colom, tells a story about the inner travel after a hard breakup and the path to get over it. Filmed in the salt flats of San Juan, Argentina, with Mariano Monti as DOP. 

The Story

"Iceberg talks about the end of a relationship. And for that reason, at first I felt that I wanted to see a women completely alone, in a place very far from her home and with a hostile environment. My idea was to portray that feeling that you have in the middle of a breakup, when everything you were building goes away from one day to the next, and you just want to leave, flee from everything, from the melancholic memory of your relationship and its failure."

"The vintage indie rock style of Iceberg, its psychedelic notes, its wide sound effects ... made me visualise the start of the music video as a classic road movie. The mood of the song match perfectly with this genre. And as always happens in this films, the mv portrays an external journey that becomes a journey towards oneself. That was the starting point of the creativity. As we move forward the genre of the musical appears and gains strength, leading us towards the more emotional and abstract part of the journey towards the fear of being alone." - Eloi Colom

The Girl

"Kanako, our protagonist was crucial. Leiva was looking for someone with the maturity necessary to be able to feel and evoke what He described in his lyrics. And in addition to her powerful presence in front of the camera, as a professional dancer that she is, she had the technique and the body control capable of reaching the expressiveness we were looking for."

"Feeling her pain and sorrow was as much important as it was to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is why I imagined that in the midst of that extreme loneliness, cold and almost total darkness, the extremes come together and suddenly his instinct of survival and pulling forward awakens in form of a dance. With energetic and sometimes abrupt movements that give her the heat she needs, recovering its inner warmth. A warmth that will accompany her until the end." - Eloi Colom